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“In human history we have never come close to forecasting earthquakes. Although, earthquake disasters affect about 1/3rd of the world population.”

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Freund
NASA Ames Research Center
Founder and Chairman of GeoCosmo

Since a few years we are also working very hard with seismologists in the EU and of course for many years with other scientific disciplines to improve ‘Earthquake Mechanism System’ to save lives.

Our Real Early Warning system will forecast earthquakes days before they strike, typically 2-5 days before. This is vital information not only for the general public but also for government agencies, hospitals, airports, for any large operation with complex logistics, be is public or commercial, for sport event organizers, schools and universities, insurance and re-insurance companies, marine port authorities, and last but not least for the military.

GeoCosmo can successfully operate covering whole regions, where earthquakes occur, with ground stations, to install and operate them 24/7, develop capabilities to collect and analyses relevant information from satellites.

Ronald Karel

President of Geocosmo Research Centre in the United Kingdom

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