​Earthquakes are the deadliest of all recurring natural disasters, disruptive and enormously costly. They are feared because they seem to strike without the possibility of prior warning. 
Earthquake disasters affect about 1/3rd of the world population.



The GC vision is based on progress in understanding (1) solid state and semiconductor physics, (2) electrochemistry, and (3) chemistry as related to observations that can be made at the Earth surface, in groundwater, well and spring water, in the atmosphere all the way up to the ionosphere, and on observations made by satellite remote sensing.




In the mid-1970s, while studying oxides and selected minerals, anomalies were noticed in the behaviour of these materials, which had never been properly understood.



We have envisioned ground stations with magnetometers, electric field sensors, air ionization sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, ozone sensors, groundwater chemistry sensors, cameras, and more will be added in the future, until we have essentially fully coverage of the precursors listed.  That's the plan, anyway.  If we find a 'magic bullet' that works with fewer sensors, we'll probably go with that.  So, DC currents, AC currents, unipolar pulses, corona discharges, ozone formation, chromatic shifts, TEC anomalies, air ionization, and some other things that aren't on this chart, like carbon monoxide and ground water chemistry.

Commercially available examples of all these sensors exist.  However, this doesn't mean that their price or performance will be acceptable for a full-scale deployment.  For certain sensors, such as magnetometers, we are looking into enhancing the performance of existing sensors.

Current satellites can potentially observe TEC anomalies/Gravity Waves and TIR anomalies, as well as carbon monoxide and ozone, albeit at a fairly low resolution.  Some precursors, such as the 2khz VLF attenuation, will require new satellites.  There are also existing networks for lightning statistics.

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